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Corprate Video film + Shooting+ Editing+ Interview of MD & CEO + Telecast On National Business Channel Was @ Rs. 12 Lac.Avail Year End offer Rs. 5.10 Lac

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Our Recent Telecast

TIMES NOW -15 Minutes Coverage:Self Made Show

Includes shooting of your office , Factory and Interview of Key People

Call: 9858951951

This is 5 Minutes telecast of ZeeBusiness Street

New Product Launch, Office Coverage , Client Coverage, Interview of the key management person

Contact: 9858951951

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This is a example post with YouTube

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Get Your Business on National Television Just for

Rs. 2.25

Lac Call NOW to Expand Your Business


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This type of Video is aimed at talking about company as whole, company office , factory tour is covered including interview of Founders, MD etc. Minimum duration is 300 Seconds and Shoot is done using High Definition TV Cameras like 4K Resolution Can be used for playing at office reception, Exhibitions, Official Website etc.


This tyoe of Video is aimed at promoting a particular product or services of the company. The Product may be detailed about USP and how it is different from others.Ideal Recommended duration would be 180 Seconds


This is a Typical display ad,we See on Television during matches and some special Events, when the viewership goes suddenly very high, the demand for Advertisement too goes up. The cahnnel uses the Left and Bottom Panel of Screen to Display ads, hence it becomes a L shape and it is called L shape Ads. Charges are per display basis and may run in crores per ten dispaly.


It is a paid form of getting 15 Minutes to 30 minutes time slot on TV Channel of Your Choice, The program telecast cost is different and Program Filming and crew, production, editing and broadcast cost. Most of the company use this as preferred from of PR activity and Brand Building.

Guest Appearance As Subject matter Expert

This is an indirect form of advertising or personal Brand Building, You are invited to speak on a panel discussion or individual to speak on Subject, on which you are expert


This is part of special series being launched by Various TV Channels, to showcase people with specific achievement and contribution to the Growth of Economy example Business Street, Outperformer Series. The most effective and pocket friendly to have your business on National Television for as low as 2.25 lac, including shooting, Production, Editing, and Airtime, i.e. Broadcast.

"Spunky" stands for Determined. At SPUNKY MEDIA , "We understand your Business Better. Backed by over Two decades of Industry experience" We are Determined to Grow our Client's Business Be it a pop and mom shop or a MNC Client , we pay Equal efforts to ensure our customers gets Best ROI on their Marketing Investment.

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